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Kalibrr originally started as a recruitment platform for the local Philippine Startup Tech echo system. Over the 8 years since it's founding it has slowly lost touch with the startup and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the Philippines and focused largely on corporations. With SME's still taking up more than 80% of the Philippine landscape it was important that Kalibrr reconnect with it's roots to be a dominant player in the recruitment space.


Returning to the SME space was not an easy task for Kalibrr. We've become so distant to the problems the SME companies we're facing we needed to do research and understand their experiences better. After spending a week interviewing numerous SMEs we we're able to find patterns in their experiences and habits, particularly:

  1. SME's have limited budgets Because SME's have limited budgets and don't have the backing of huge investors or venture capitalists they're a bit more careful about what they spend their money on. This means that Kalibrr's usual monthly subscription fee wasn't really accessible for these companies.
  2. SME's are more picky and risk averse when hiring Because these companies are usually younger companies they're a lot more careful about who they hire. They want to make sure that the person they put into their teams are a value add. Because of this they usually rely on their networks to find the right hire amongst the people they trust.
  3. SME's have limited human resource throughout their candidate experience Most SMEs have very small HR and recruitment teams often having only one HR person handling multiple things. As such their recruitment person is usually juggling and context switching a lot. Creating a system that is fast and easy for them to talk to a candidate and win them over before bigger companies do is very important.


A solution that we found that would solve the following problems is creating a new version of the product with different rules compared to the original enterprise version of Kalibrr.

The answer was Kalibrr Pay-Per-Hire.

Risk Free Hiring

From the name of the product we collaborated with our marketing and account management team to create "Pay-per-hire" product similar to using head hunters. Like head hunters you only pay when you've successfully hired someone through the product. This creates savings for SMEs as they charged for the number of people they hire, minimizing the risk of investment into the product.

Instant AI based recommendations

Unlike headhunters, Kalibrr is completely AI based relying on the algorithms our data science team have spent years working on. Everyday the recruiters would be sent a list of candidates in our system that fit the criteria they're looking for and they would be given the option to message them right away. This helps recruiter get ahead of bigger companies by being in direct contact with the candidates.